Top Six Reasons to Take a Tour at the Gardens

January 28, 2019 Karina Nabors , Associate Director of Learning Engagement & Interpretation

By taking a tour, you can:

  1. Learn something: Gardens staff and docents share their knowledge of our plant collections, natural history, art and architecture. Let their enthusiasm and passion inspire you. 
  2. Spend quality time: A Gardens tour is the perfect opportunity to gather family, friends or colleagues.
  3. Get fit and healthy: No need to wait in line for a treadmill at a crowded health club. Instead, walk and enjoy fresh air.
  4. Relax: Escape daily pressures and lose yourself in our urban oasis.
  5. Save money: Tour tickets include general admission so you can come early or stay after to take a closer look at the gardens, exhibits and other offerings.
  6. Stop procrastinating: You can register for a tour now.




Gardens are my first choice

I love the Gardens, the six points are even more focusing on the goal of great place.

It is a walk in heaven

There is nothing more relaxing than a walk in the garden. Feeling connected with beauty and nature at this closed space creates special vibe and makes you forget everything. I believe there is no better therapy!




I would love the opportunity to walk the gardens with a docent. It would be fun to learn how plants grow in your climate and perhaps, even, learn if they would grow in mine.

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