November 8, 2013 | Featured Instructor

Wondering what a Tibetan Singing Bowls "Sound Healing Concert" is all about?  It is an opportunity to lay down (if you wish) and receive some seriously good vibrations....literally!!!   Sound healers Jason and Chris Anne Coviello will begin the concert with Jason playing his Hang Drum which is a very rare steel drum that is made by only two people in the world.  Some say it sounds like a stringed instrument.  Jason's Hang Drum is tuned to the note that vibrationally corresponds to the heart chakra and when he plays the drum, he takes you on a heart-opening journey. If you would like to see a clip of Jason playing this instrument, you can view him on YouTube.

hang drum

Jason and Chris Anne will then begin playing the singing bowls for 40 to 60 minutes.  The singing bowls are tuned to all the different musical notes that correspond to the different chakras, so they will balance the energy in the body.  And since we are made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect will be a full body cellular massage.  And during this busy “go, go, go!” holiday season, who couldn't use that?!?!

We recommend that you bring a yoga mat and a blanket and lie down on the ground to get cozy and comfortable.  Perhaps even bring a pillow or anything else that creates that feeling of ease for you to lie down on the ground inside of Mitchell Hall at the Gardens.

The room is warm and carpeted but most people will benefit from a small blanket and something soft to lie on as you will be lying down for over an hour.   If you would prefer to sit up in a chair there will be a limited number of chairs in the rear of Mitchell Hall for those that may have physical trouble lying down on the ground.

Tickets to this amazing annual holiday event are limited and always sell out.  So be sure to register soon!  Due to the event's popularity, this year the Gardens will be offering the concert on two nights from 7-8:30 p.m.:  Tuesday, December 17, Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19.

Chris Anne CovielloGuest Blogger: Chris Anne Coviello

Chris Anne Coviello runs The Healing Space at Harmony Yoga.  She is also a Kundalini yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga classes weekly at Denver Botanic Gardens on Monday nights for the past five years.

Jason Coviello, a man of many, many talents, runs JC Artistry.


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