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April 19, 2008 | Matt Cole, Director of Education


Today the Gardens were just lovely! I took advantage the great weather and strolled past blossoming trees and bulbs, bursting buds and leafing limbs, everything downright wonderful. What a contrast from Wednesday night! I guess when the weather is so beautiful, the wisdom of carpe diem becomes obvious.  Seize the day and enjoy the Gardens right now because its changing every day. True, it always changes every day, but the changes are especially numerous right now.

Sunday (tomorrow as I write) is a particularly good day to visit because it is also the day of the Sustainability Fair. For those who want to learn more about green living and sustainable lifestyles, there will be booths, workshops, lectures and demonstrations. For those more interested in the beauty of the spring, there is a one-day alternative transportation discount worth knowing about. Walk, bike, or take the bus, then get a couple bucks knocked off the price of your admission ticket in return. It's my impression that Denverites generally like to walk and bike. Well, Denver Botanic Gardens wants to say it appreciates the effort: there's no extra charge to visit the sustainability fair, just regular admission, and then the transportation discount on top of that. My thanks to the Sustainability Fair sponsors, participants and organizers who made it happen.


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