March 7, 2012 | Ann Montague, Horticulturist

Each year the Horticulture Department offers several internships for college students who are pursuing careers in various aspects of horticulture. This year we had nearly 40 applications from students across the United States for our eight positions.

After our interview team thoroughly grills the top applicants for several minutes, we offer them the opportunity to put us on the hot seat and ask us questions. Typical questions revolve around housing and hours. But this year one of the applicants asked what I liked best about my job.

I had to answer, “You! Talking to you and the other intern candidates.” It’s so refreshing to talk with these bright, budding horticulturists, especially during the gray, dreary days of February. Granted, my answer changes when the sun comes out and iris season rolls around, but soaking in the energy and enthusiasm during these phone interviews is definitely a highlight of my job.

This year we are excited to have students from Texas, Utah, Minnesota, Connecticut, Idaho and Colorado. They will work alongside our horticulturists, gaining invaluable hands-on experience during their 12 week stay. And we hope the interns will have fun and make some lasting friendships along the way. We’re looking forward to their arrival.


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