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Saussurea weberi at Hoosier Pass

A Good Seed Can Be Hard to Find

October 15, 2018 | Alex Seglias
Plant biodiversity is being lost at an accelerated rate as a result of climate change, habitat degradation and multiple other factors. To conserve native plant species, many institutions are turning towards ex situ methods, such as storage in seed banks. Seed banks store seeds at low moisture (3-7...Learn more
My Week: January 7th

My Week: January 7th

January 7, 2011 | Ellen Hertzman
For Jackie, the first week of the year means making a pruning plan for tackling some of the trees in her gardens. Winter is a great time to prune, since trees are dormant and their structure is not hidden behind leaves. She is also doing some deep watering, as the weather permits, since we have had...Learn more