May 25, 2010 | Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator & Director of Outreach

Tall bearded iris are always grand. This year is shaping up to be a fantastic year for them (again) just as it has been the miracle year for flowering trees and shrubs. And the magnificent clumps of tall bearded iris will be in full, glorious bloom this weekend in time for the American Iris Society's annual show in Mitchell Hall on Saturday and Sunday. Do make sure you make the trek out to the Lilac Garden where Ann Montague has put together one of the most amazing gardens: here are our collections of daffodils, peonies, garden phlox, lilacs as well as daylilies and irises, all beautifully coordinated and perfectly planted so that as each group of plants comes into its own it looks as though the garden is dedicated just to them. So right now it's an iris garden par excellence!

There are gorgeous yellows, pinks, buffs, oranges...but for me the royal blues of the iris clan are second to none. These two beauties, Iris 'Starwoman' and the amazingly striped and speckled Iris 'Batik' caught my attention. I know they will rivet you as well: better hurry on down!


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