September 26, 2013 | Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator & Director of Outreach

Pulsatilla halleri White  Pulsatilla halleri white

Is this pasqueflower in a garden? Or the wild? This and literally thousands of other wildflowers are growing in Peter Korn's private garden as they would on their native alps and Himalayas!

Pulsatilla albana   Another pulsatilla, nodding with morning frost...

Here you can see the garden a bit more clearly. It is acres in extent, all carefully designed to look like a wild environment--meadows, cliffs, screes, bogs, streams and all the environments in high mountain regions.

Pulsatilla halleri  Pulsatilla halleri

I am showing just pasqueflowers, although there are thousands of other kinds of flowers at his garden, because these were in full bloom during my visit. You can track, not one, not two, but three other blogs I wrote last spring commemorating my visit to Peter's astounding garden, and you can see thererin many more plants I photographed. You can find out more directly from Peter's website about his garden and his new book he will be unveiling for the first time in English and for the first time in America on Sunday, October 6! Click on that URL and you can sign up and attend what I promise you will be the most astonishing display of grand vision and accomplishment in the realm of gardening that I have seen in decades. Peter has moved countless tons of rock and gravel, exposing vast cliffs and planting choice plants from all over the world, many collected by himself in Turkey, Kirghistan and all over Europe and America. I shall end with an image of one of the rarest and most spectacular pasqueflowers:

Pulsatilla rotundifolia  Pulsatilla rotundifolia

This gorgeous creature grows only on Sakhalin island, not far south of Camtchatka, of the eastern Coast of Russia. If you look carefully, you will see that the leaves (crisped by winter at the base of the plant) are ROUND! Unlike any other pasqueflower--so different it was put in a separate genus for awhile (Miyakea rotundifolia)...

These are just of a few of the astonishing plants that Peter grows. During his talk he will show more, and the ways that he tames unfamiliar flowers in his still evolving masterpiece of a garden. Don't miss this presentation. I guarantee you that it will inspire you all winter for what you can create in your own garden next spring!


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