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February 20, 2013 | Membership Department

How do I get started xeriscaping my yard? Is it too early to start aerating my lawn? When should I start my vegetables from seed? Are there any good murder-mystery novels that involve my interest in horticulture?

If you’ve asked yourself any or all of those questions, and you are a member of Denver Botanic Gardens, fear not. The area’s best resource on these topics and so much more, the Helen Fowler Library at Denver Botanic Gardens, is open to all members of the Gardens. The Helen Fowler Library even has a super-handy online catalog too.

For 65 years, this renowned horticultural reference library has housed diverse collections that currently include upwards of 25,000 book titles and 200 serials, audio-visual materials, and special collections and archives on all subjects relating to plants, gardening and Denver Botanic Gardens. Literally the best literary source on gardening in the region, utilizing the Helen Fowler Library is a key benefit to your Gardens membership.

But hey, we understand that the members of the Gardens are a diverse group, and book learnin’ may not be for just everybody. There’s also a service offered through the library where you can ask a certified Master Gardener your horticultural questions. Seekers of advice can call, email or visit with a Master Gardener on Tuesdays from noon until 4 p.m. during the winter. Starting in March (when you may need them the most) they’re here twice a week, then in May that extends to three days a week. Gardening Help is a joint program of Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and Denver Botanic Gardens.

Seek out your own answers with your Denver Botanic Gardens membership. Rocky Mountain gardening doesn’t have to be a mystery. For members of the Gardens, it can be an open book.

Michael Salamone, Membership Coordinator


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