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May 7, 2008 | Matt Cole, Director of Education


I want to express my appreciation for the neighborhoods all around Denver for making the effort to grow plants well and to grow great plants.  Some credit undoubtedly goes to the city, but a lot should be generously poured over all the home owners and residents who take the time to make their block and their neighborhood a little bit better. What sparked this little epiphany of mine was that I spent more time downtown than usual lately.  There aren't nearly as many green landscapes (although the hard-working souls who are caring for trees shadowed by sky scrapers there will be rewarded). When I travel out to other neighborhoods, I am absolutely struck by the number and beauty of the gardens and trees in bloom.  Admittedly, at this stage of spring, I am easily impressed because I'm so in love with every leaf and flower.  But the wealth of flowering trees shows that somebody was thinking ahead.  Lots of somebodies were thinking ahead! So take credit, neighborhoods of Denver!  You look great. 

I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures during most of my trips, but those above are from in and near City Park, not far from the Gardens.  In this final one, Denver's skyline is sprouting out of a forest, a planted urban forest.  If you want to try planting a tree (resources include Garden Notes and PlantTalk) or creating an improved landscape, please do, please take the take time to put the right plant in the right place, and please pat yourself on the back for me.  Of course, Denver Botanic Gardens' Spring Plant Sale is this Friday and Saturday...  But there are lots plants and suppliers to explore.


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