June 6, 2014 | Featured Instructor

vegetable gardeningThe beginning of each spring allows vegetable gardeners the opportunity to plan and plant a brand new garden. The most time-consuming part of putting in the vegetable garden is over by early June. You purchased vegetable transplants at the garden center or grew your own starts near a sunny window. Bed preparation is completed and the plants and seeds are officially in the ground. It’s all good, the seeds are up, the transplants are growing and now it’s just a waiting game till harvest. Yes and no.

The yes part is that they are planted and developing in size and have started to flower, but what are the best care practices for crops in urban spaces?  How much water do they need and how often do they need watering? When and how much fertilizer is required and what is the right kind to use? What are the correct procedures for care up to harvest and then storage? There are many questions about properly tending vegetables through the growing season, including the fall planting cycle. Thank goodness there are specific tips, dos and don’ts that will result in a healthy, plentiful harvest.  These, along with your questions will be covered and answered in Minding your Vegetable Garden. 

We’re leaving you with a cliffhanger with this week’s blog! Discover the answers and all the helpful tips about gardening success with Betty Cahill at her class, Minding Your Vegetable Garden, on Saturday, June 28 from 10 a.m. – noon.  For more information or to register, visit us online or call 720/865.3580.

Betty CahillGuest Blogger: Betty Cahill
Betty Cahill has been gardening and teaching at Denver Botanic Gardens for several years. In addition to growing vegetables (she’s been told she’s the basil and garlic queen), she adores trees, shrubs and all flowers in between. She writes the popular weekly garden to do list ‘Punch List’ for The Denver Post Grow section.  Follow Betty on her blog!


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