Japanese Garden, Shofu-En

A Summer in Shofu-En

September 28, 2018 | Horticulture Intern
As an American, learning what I could from books and professors, Japanese garden design seemed almost sacred. I quickly found myself focusing on individual symbolic details of traditional Japanese gardens and how to ‘correctly’ and ‘authentically’ translate these elements within a different...Learn more
Japanese Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens

Horticultural Therapy in the Japanese Garden

September 17, 2013 | Doris Boardman
Summer is slowly coming to the end and we are starting to see the presence of fall in Sho-Fu-En. The feathery, silver flowerheads of maidenhair grass ( Miscanthus sinensis ‘Yakushima’) wave in the breeze around the Japanese Garden’s moon-viewing deck. There is a feeling of peacefulness and serenity...Learn more
'Wish Tree' for Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

'Wish Tree' for Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

March 18, 2011 | Ebi Kondo
Our Japanese Garden Sho-Fu-EnLearn more
Don't Miss It! Week of October 17th

Don't Miss It! Week of October 17th

October 16, 2009 | Ellen Hertzman
• But to enjoy the season at its best, now is the time to step back from individual plants and admire sweeps of color and texture. Enjoy the reds and golds, browns and greens. Plenty of beautiful leaves remain: Korean Spice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) and Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) in the Birds and...Learn more
Featured Garden of the Week: Sho-Fu-En (Japanese Garden) – Celebrating 30 years

Featured Garden of the Week: Sho-Fu-En (Japanese Garden) – Celebrating 30 years

June 22, 2009 | Sarada Krishnan
Denver Botanic Gardens’ Japanese Garden is an authentic traditional Japanese garden reflecting the unique environment of its Colorado setting. The garden is named Sho-Fu-En, meaning “garden of the pines and wind,” both of which are typical of the natural environment of Colorado. The main feature of...Learn more
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

December 27, 2008 | Sarada Krishnan
John Temple’s column in the Rocky Mountain News today, ‘Simple moments, rich rewards’ was very inspiring. Not just because I work at Denver Botanic Gardens, but also because the article hits it in the nail regarding the little things in life that really matter. Every morning I look out my kitchen...Learn more

Exquisite lotus main attraction in Monet Pool

July 25, 2008 | Joe Tomocik
Nelumbo ‘Perry’s Giant Sunburst’ with charming creamy-yellow flowers is the main attraction in the Monet Garden pool. It is near the north entrance to the Japanese Garden amongst a mix of classical hardy waterlilies. ‘Perry’s Giant Sunburst’ was hybridized by lotus king Perry D. Slocum.Learn more