September 16, 2009 | Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator & Director of Outreach

Peppers by Dorothy de Paulo

Denver has become something of a center of botanical art in all its manifestations. We can thank ourselves here at DBG for that, no doubt our School for Botanical Illustration is one of only a handful on the planet...but there is more! So many graduates of that program have gone out to the wide world that they now stage their own shows across the region. This is the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists. There are, in fact, two shows going on right now...if you rush down to Echter's Garden Center the next few days, you can catch their incredible late summer show which will last until 2:00PM this Saturday, September 19.

Part of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artist's show at Echter's Garden Center

They are also staging their show on "Imperiled Plants of Colorado" at the Steamboat Art Museum (which we had here at DBG a few months ago and even helped produce their catalog). It will in Steamboat until September 30 (sounds like a road trip: the aspen are turning you know!). There you can not only see the original art of members of this society, but buy some of their exquisite cards as well as originals and reproductions of their art...come to think of should probably not go to Echter's after all....there were a few paintings there that would make superb gifts for my family and friends...I better go back and buy those first...Phooey...forget I mentioned this at all! Hurry up and check up the next blog! (Sound of innocent whistling is heard now).


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