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May 9, 2016 | Angie Jewett, Horticulturist

The historical Iris Garden was installed in fall 2015, and is the newest garden at Chatfield Farms. The collection includes nearly 400 varieties of Iris that were introduced to the nursery trade over several centuries; some as long ago as 1597! Many are award-winning varieties that are held in high esteem among Iris enthusiasts for their significance in the long history of Iris breeding.

The first to bloom this year was ‘Ingeborg’, a nice, delicate, white flowering variety that was introduced to the nursery trade in 1908. With this latest stretch of Spring warmth, new buds are breaking every day. We expect peak bloom time to be late May and into June. 



Iris at Chatfield

I was at Chatfield Farms last Sunday and will be there again this weekend. The collection is truly amazing and there wasn't a weed! Bravo! A terrific addition to collections altogether.

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