Documenting Change: Our Climate (Past, Present, Future) (installation view), CU Art Museum, Feb. 7 - July 20, 2019. Photo: Jeff Wells / CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder

Rare Books on the Move

May 17, 2019 | Jaime Groetsema
The creation of the Helen Fowler Library was an important addition to Denver Botanic Gardens’ campus. It occupied several spaces before settling in its current location in 1971, when a library space was included in the plans for the Boettcher Memorial Center. Ruth Porter Waring donated funds to...Learn more
 Helen Fowler Library

Exploring Colorado with the Helen Fowler Library

May 21, 2018 | Anna Kongs
With every new year comes resolutions to make us better versions of ourselves. And with every new season, we set new goals to support those annual commitments. Every spring I tell myself “I’m going to explore Colorado more. I’m going to go hiking, camping, and learn the name of every wildflower I...Learn more
"The Water Museum" by Luis Alberto Urrea

Finding Fiction in the Helen Fowler Library

March 31, 2017 | Rory O'Connor-Walston
The Helen Fowler Library is known for the largest horticultural collection in the Rocky Mountain region, but did you know we have a small fiction collection as well? While literature dedicated to the depiction of imaginary places and people may not seem like an obvious fit, I promise you it’s worth...Learn more
Winter Gardens: Week of December 4th

Winter Gardens: Week of December 4th

December 3, 2010 | Ellen Hertzman
Kids Welcome: Bring in your little ones to explore the large selection of children’s books found in the low bookcases around the perimeter of the Library. Then snuggle up for a read together in one of the comfy bean-bag chairs in the corner.Learn more