December 3, 2014 | Featured Instructor

Is it likely that you will be making a New Year’s resolution to start eating better and cooking at home more? If you find it challenging to come up with a constant array of new recipes, this class is perfect for you, whether cooking for yourself or your family. The best cooks don’t base their meals off a specific recipe and head straight to the grocery store; rather, they look at what ingredients they already have and create something delicious. Cooking fresh, healthy meals all week long isn’t difficult, but it does require a well-stocked pantry.

A carefully curated pantry means a selection of quick and healthy meals available without too much effort, as well as fewer last-minute trips to the store. It also means less reliance on take-out and other expensive processed foods, as well as less money wasted, as you won’t buy duplicates when you know your own inventory. While you will of course find yourself supplementing your pantry with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other perishables, having most of these basics on hand means you can pull together a quick meal without a great deal of thought.

We’ll talk about grains, legumes, seasonings and condiments, and we'll make and taste simple, fresh and healthy soups, whole-grain salads, dips, spreads and more. You’ll collect easy tips for making all of your meals more interesting – and if you grow your own vegetables or shop at the farmer’s market, this class is an ideal way for you to learn how to base your meals around those seasonal finds. Gather inspiration for great meals all year long!

Join Chef Elizabeth Buckingham for Healthy Cooking at Home: How to Stock Your Pantry on Saturday, January 10 to discover the food you need to keep on hand to make healthy, tasty and simple meals. Register online or call 720-865-3580.

Elizabeth BuckinghamChef Elizabeth Buckingham is a Colorado native; she was a chef aboard dive boats and private yachts for many years. In 2009, Elizabeth returned to Colorado and started her own private chef venture, Moveable Feast Colorado. Elizabeth teaches public and private cooking classes in the Denver area and is also a certified Master Gardener. She runs a tiny urban homestead complete with chickens, bees and a large vegetable garden. She is an avid home canner and preserver, a passionate advocate of local food, and thinks everyone should know how to cook at least a little bit.

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