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Foxtail lilies (Eremurus) and ornamental onions (Allium)

May Walking Tour - Water-Smart Plants are Everywhere!

May 1, 2019 | Dan Johnson
What makes a plant “water smart”? There are plenty of plants that tolerate periodic drought, and many of them are old favorites that your grandmother probably grew: shrub roses, lilacs, oriental poppies, bearded iris and even hostas. These were classic mainstays of the traditional garden for a...Learn more
Delosperma spp. in the Steppe Garden

Steppe Garden Awakening

May 24, 2018 | Mike Bone
There are many conversations that can come from a visit to the Steppe Garden —conversations about plants, soils, pollinators, design, ecology, hydrology, distribution and connections. This unique space pulls together so many different disciplines that you can’t help asking questions. One of my...Learn more
This Week at the Gardens: June 10th

This Week at the Gardens: June 10th

June 10, 2011 | Ellen Hertzman
Stretches of brilliant iceplant (Delosperma) are impossible to miss. Find them in the Water-Smart Garden and the Welcome Garden, and in their own special bed in South African Plaza. One of my favorite flowers is Plant Select’s Penstemon grandiflora, which shows off in pastels in the Cottonwood...Learn more
This Week at the Gardens: May 27th

This Week at the Gardens: May 27th

May 27, 2011 | Ellen Hertzman
For instance, take a peek at the brilliant azalea bushes (Rhododendron ‘Rosy Lights’) currently loaded with blooms in the Oak Grove! Azaleas and their sisters—rhododendrons—do not do well in Colorado. They prefer an acid soil and a more predictable weather pattern. But with a certain amount of...Learn more