April 4, 2014 | Featured Instructor

BungalowThe Arts and Crafts movement brought about the clean lines and unfussy patterns of the bungalow style house.  Bungalows were first built in England and then migrated to America in the early 1900's along with a changing garden style.  With the bungalow came the cottage style garden and some specific hardscape to enhance the lines of the house.  The formal gardens and ornate excesses of the Victorian era were now passe. 

The bungalow was the first sustainable building, promoting the use of local materials to build the house, the interior, exterior and plant palette.  All across the country the use of local plantings were encouraged to correspond with the features therein.  Beauty and grace were showcased in everything.  Oriental design, monochromatic colors and the use of conifers were quite common in the Arts and Craft movement.  The movement also gave birth to the idea of garden rooms.  Gustav Stickley, a champion of the Arts and Crafts movement, believed the garden and house should flow together in one harmonious whole.  

Come discover the history of bungalows and their gardens and learn how you can create your own bungalow garden at home.  Join Marie Peacock for Bungalows and Gardens, Tuesday, April 29th from 6-8 pm at the Gardens.

Marie left a career of 27 years as a legal secretary to start Gardenz, a landscape company in 2000. She has been teaching at the Denver Botanic Gardens for six years.  Born in Memphis, TN, Marie has lived in the Denver area since 1981. Marie is a member of ALCC and has appeared on 9News, GardenLine 9.  Check out her blog, Seasonal Tales from the Garden, and visit her on Facebook and Twitter.


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