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April 7, 2008 | Matt Cole, Director of Education

march-2008-photos-018-small.jpg march-2008-photos-031-small.jpg march-2008-photos-025-small.jpg march-2008-photos-027-small.jpg

One quiet afternoon recently, I took a walk in the garden and discovered how popular it was with the local birds.  Many rested in high branches but others accepted my presence at roughly eye level.  It doesn't mean they posed for the camera. I certainly needed the practice try to catch moving targets.

The birds above are a northern flicker, a robin and house finches in a tree, a chickadee (that came remarkably close but moved too quickly for my reflexes) and a robin on the ground.  Can you tell where in the gardens tat last robin is?  Somewhere we normally don't see and robins don't access...


We've drained the ponds!  Once they were emptied of water, a few diligent workers tackeled the old leaves and thin mud left behind, so there really wasn't much for the robin to find.  The water plants still there can take a dry spell, at least until we refill the water gardens.

And finally: the Colorado Water Garden Society is having their "Get Wet" event this week: April 9th from 6:30 to 9:00.  Speakers include officers of CWGS and  Joe Tomocik, Curator of Water Gardens at Denver Botanic Gardens.


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