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Katy Wilcox
Greenhouse Horticulturist
Kim Manajek
Associate Director of Exhibitions, Art & Library Collections
Kristi Horvath
Public Events Coordinator
Larry Vickerman
Director of Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
Marisa Eisenstein
Manager of Annual Giving
Matt Cole
Director of Education
Membership Department
Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski
Manager of Botanical Art & Illustration Program
Michelle DePrenger-Levin
Research Associate
Mike Holloway
Nick Daniel
Nick Snakenberg
Curator Orchids / Greenhouse
Panayoti Kelaidis
Senior Curator & Director of Outreach
Rachel Murray
Manager of Interpretation & Evaluation
Rebecca Hufft Kao
Manager of Conservation Programs
Rick Levy
Database Associate
Rory O'Connor-Walston
Catalog Librarian
Sarada Krishnan
Director of Horticulture
Scott Dressel-Martin
Sean Mahoney
Gift Shop Representative