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October 2, 2009 | Gardens Ambassador Volunteer, Visitor Services

Sometimes you just need to dress up and savor each blossom.

Ambassador Jan here! What do you think of when you think of the things that make up Denver Botanic Gardens? I think of the many wonderful Gardens – each with its own personality and its own way of inspiring us. I also think of the plant accessions themselves, the water features, the herbarium records, the library (my dream collection of books and periodicals all in one place!), the buildings and classrooms, the beautiful gifts and treasures in the gift shop, the wonderful staff and team of volunteers…even the variety of different pathways and walks (they’re all special and specially designed). Why, you could spend an entire visit just taking note of and appreciating the different pathways at the Gardens! I have. And, yes, there’s a class for that….

Recently I’ve been noticing, delightedly, the large numbers of honey bees and butterflies that grace our Gardens this time of year. They are part of what makes this place magical. And so are YOU, our guests. Are you a honey bee or a butterfly? Do you like to buzz into the Gardens with your families and busily take in every flower? I know you. Or are you a butterfly? You breeze in, dressed in your colorful attire and float among your favorites, savoring the sweetness of a single bloom. I know you, too.

Whether you are a bee or a butterfly – or some of both – YOU are as important to the Gardens as all of them. I hope you know that. And I hope you’ll come to the Gardens soon to recharge your sense of belonging to nature and nurture, should you ever need to. See you in the Gardens!


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