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Ms. Kathy Hodgson, Board Chair
Mr. Mike Imhoff, Vice Chair
Ms. Wy Livingston, Secretary
Mr. Abe Rodriguez, Treasurer
Mr. Richard Clark, Past Chair

Term Trustees
Rabbi Joseph Black
Mr. Richard Clark
Mr. Papa M. Dia
Mr. BJ Dyer
Rep. Rhonda Fields
Ms. Cory Freyer
Ms. Kathy Hodgson
Ms. Ding Wen Hsu
Mr. Michael Imhoff
Ms. Patricia Lepiani
Ms. Wy Livingston
Mr. Jim Lochhead
Ms. Tish Maes
Mrs. Judi Newman
Ms. Jane O’Shaughnessy
Mr. Scott Richards
Mr. Abe Rodriguez
Ms. Marianne Sulser
Mr. Charlie Woolley

Mayoral Trustees
Ms. Vicki Eppler
Ms. Catherine Hance
Ms. Allyson Mendenhall
Ms. Caroline Schomp

Life Trustees
Mr. Edward P. Connors
Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin

Trustees Emeriti
Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis
Ms. Dawn Bookhardt
Ms. Mary Lee Chin
Mr. Al Gerace
Mrs. Janet Mordecai
Mrs. Nancy Schotters
Ms. Cynthia Scott
Mr. Harold Smethills

Ex-Officio Trustees
Ms. Christina Caulkins (President, Denver Botanic Gardens Endowment, Inc.)
Ms. Melissa (Missy) Eliot (Past-President, Denver Debutante Ball and President, Garden Club of Denver)
Ms. Allegra (Happy) Haynes (Executive Manager, Parks & Recreation Dept. - Designee for Mayor)
Mrs. Jeannette Pryor (President, Denver Botanic Gardens Guild)
Mrs. Betty Roberts (President, Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs)

Updated January 2019