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Fermentation Class at the Gardens

Fermentation Class at the Gardens

Somewhere in the jungles of Indonesia, soybeans wrapped in banana leaves are curing into soft, tart tempeh. In backyards across the Korean peninsula, families faithfully set their spiced seasonal vegetables into kimchi pits underground. In Ethiopia, ground teff grain is comingling with yeast to form the flatbread Injera, while in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italian vintners are waiting for the precise time to harvest grapes for wine. Fermented food and...


Denver's First Chicken Coop Tour

Denver's First Chicken Coop Tour

what backyard farming is all about. These friends of fowl will be available to explain how raising chickens not only provides fresh eggs, but also keeps gardens strong. Additionally, these experts will share their "egg-speriences" with chicken care, and answer questions on compliance with city ordinances, coop design and more. From the hustling buzz of the city to the quiet hum of a country tractor, the Chicken Coop Tour of Denver...