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Quick...before it's winter!

Quick...before it's winter!

It seems far fetched to think that winter is on the way--especially now that we're sweltering in Denver--but one of the features of the alpine tundra is that summer is never more than three weeks away! Allium pikeanum on Mount Goliath One of the many things that I love so much about our tundra is the enormous variety of scale: look up and you can see much of Colorado at your feet....


Spring is Officially Over

Spring is Officially Over

There are a few days in June when you can finally declare "Spring is over": usually after a week of 90F heat, when your garden is wilting. This date does not come directly on the Solstice: it can fall early in June. For me it was this morning: my garden at home that had been magnificent for months suddenly looked wilty, the weeds were evident and abruptly, there was a lot more...