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Athena calling! Let's go to Greece this April!

Athena calling! Let's go to Greece this April!

Mixed ornamental oreganos in my home garden The Greek landscape in summer can be brown and sere (rather like winter in Colorado!) but the hills are bright green in the winter and spring, and an unbelievable number of wildflowers crowd the fields everywhere. Despite being one of the smaller European countries, Greece has the largest biodiversity (species per acre that is) of any European country: at over 5,500 species discovered so...


What a difference a month makes!

What a difference a month makes!

Cardoon and giant Castor beans In the sere winter months (which have their own austere beauty, I admit), we forget how lush things were just yesterday: the giant Cardoons spreading almost six feet across, and towering Castor beans (great crowd pleasers) along the Drop Dead Red border. Francois Villon asked "Where are the snows of yesteryear?" Well, others pine for verdure and the lolling luxury of summer.