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Hummingbird magnet...Red Birds in a Tree celebrates a birthday!

Red bird

Red birds in a tree Native plants usually summon up images of wispy, finely textured grasses or suchlike--hardly a glamorous novelty like red birds in a tree (Scrophularia macrantha). This gorgeous native perennial is prospering in gardens across America and beyond, but is restricted in nature to just a few montane sky islands in southern New Mexico.


What in blazes?


Liatris ligulistylis I was born in Colorado, and have spent most of my life here--and lots of time poking around the plains and mountains--to the extent that I've seen and can identify most of the showier native wildflowers, and a good many of the less showy ones as well. A few have escaped me.


Titanic Tithonia


Tithonia rotundifolia For years I have admired this giant daisy at Denver Botanic Gardens, where it is planted here or there in various annual groupings. This year, I decided it was time to enjoy it at home. I obtained a few small seedlings from a nursery in Arvada and planted them out rather late...wondering if I'd see a flower before frost!