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Lilac Garden's Stunning Display of Colorful Irises

Lilac Garden's Stunning Display of Colorful Irises

       Like several other bloggers here, I have really enjoyed the irises in bloom in the Lilac Garden.  They're stunning!  While we all rhapsodize about how colorful the blooms are, and how marvelous the experience is, I keep going back and finding another gem in the display.  (Of course, that is what we all do: whether it's Lisa's post or Joe's or Ellen's, you see the gems we've just uncovered and...


Hummingbird perching in the Gardens


[gallery columns="2" orderby="title"] Check out this hummingbird, spotted almost directly overhead in the Lilac Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens. Normally, I'm more interested in the horticultural and botanic than I am in the animals I might happen to see in Denver.  But this bird was twittering away, paused to sit for just a moment on the branch, then leapt from its perch into the air and swooped and dived several times...


The Payoff for Gardeners


I'm eating lunch right now.  (That's part of the reason there is no picture: you don't need to see me chewing.)  And this sandwich is my payoff for being attentive to my gardening.  It might seem to be just a leftover from dinner last night, but I know it includes the first harvest of homegrown spinach for the year.  Its fun to grow plants for their beauty, or the composition...