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Evergreens You Might Not Notice

Evergreens You Might Not Notice

Plants, like most organisms, must overcome a number of challenges before they reach maturity.  Seeds are heavily preyed upon by insects, birds and mammals, and new seedlings face stiff competition from one another for light, water and nutrients.  Germinating in the fall or early winter when many competitors’ seeds are dormant is one of the strategies some plants use to overcome competition from other seedlings. Fall-germinating plants typically send down some...


A Bank You Can Trust: the Seed Bank

A Bank You Can Trust: the Seed Bank

As the Greek government, its creditors, and the bankers at the International Monetary Fund continue to discuss Eurobonds and interest rates, my thoughts have wandered from the European Central Bank to another sort of bank altogether—the seed bank. In a previous blog post I described how before germinating many seeds commonly go through dormancy which can last a few weeks, a few years, or even a few decades.  Those patiently waiting...


Seed Dormancy: Botanical "Hibernation"

Seed Dormancy:  Botanical "Hibernation"

While taking advantage of the warm daytime temperatures in recent weeks to get some pruning in, I was hailed from the pathway nearby. "Do you ever worry about seeds coming up early during warm spells like this?" In a word, "no."  But why not? The seeds of most temperate plants have evolved a variety of mechanisms to avoid arriving on the springtime stage ahead of cue.  Together, these mechanisms are generally known as...