Tour Denver Botanic Gardens and gain fresh insight and in-depth knowledge while exploring the Gardens’ 24-acre urban oasis. Learn about ecology, horticulture, art and more while you discover landscapes and plants from all over the world! Unless otherwise noted, all tours are available for private parties. For price and tour policy information, download our flyer or contact us at at or 720-865-3539.

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Japanese Garden Tours

January - May 2014

Explore the shifting seasons through the tranquility and quiet beauty of the Shofu-En Japanese Garden.

Fiendish Flora Tours

October 2014

Explore the dark side of plants and investigate a secret world of clever, ruthless, and sometimes deadly ecology.

Plants of the Tropics Tours

October through April

Escape to the tropics in this tour of the Gardens’ exotic plant specimens from rainforests around the world.

Seasonal Discoveries Tours

January - May 2014

No matter the time of year, botanical treasures await your discovery with these guided tours of gardens at their seasonal peaks.

Trees Tours

January - May 2014

Enjoy the elegance of trees throughout the seasons with a tour highlighting their graceful presence in natural and built landscapes.