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  • Tours at Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Tours at Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Tours at Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is a premier venue for art exhibitions by world renowned artists. Gardens’ art installations range from imposing bronze sculptures to plant-based materials that change throughout the seasons to delicate glass pieces. Take a tour of our art exhibitions and gain insight about the works on display and the artists who create them.

Chihuly Family Tours

June - November, 2014

Embark on a journey of art and nature with the whole family, focusing on form and color as we explore the art work of Dale Chihuly.

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Chihuly Smartphone Tour

June 14 – November 30, 2014

Enhance your understanding of the life and work of Dale Chihuly by taking the Chihuly Smartphone Tour. Using your own phone, you will have the artist himself as your virtual guide through the exhibition. Available in both English and Spanish, the self-paced tour will illuminate insights about his ideas and inspirations. Get started now by texting the word ARTIST to 56512.