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Research Assistant

Mary VB Goshorn, M.S.
M.S. Biology (w/ Botany emphasis), University of Denver, 2008
Thesis: Potential Efficacy of Leaf Epidermal Characters to Delimit Generic Boundaries within the Syzygium Alliance (Myrtaceae)
Research Interest: 
  • Rare plant conservation
  • - Ex situ seed collection, storage, and data management
  • - Long-term demographic studies
  • - Germination and seed viability studies
  • - Long-term demographic studies

Since the completion of my academic research work on the potential use of leaf characters to identify fossil leaves to genus level, I’ve become interested in the study and protection of Colorado’s rare plants. My work with the research team at the Gardens includes in situ conservation work (demographic monitoring) and ex situ (seed collection, management, and germination protocol development) of Colorado’s native, rare and often endemic species. Our goal is to learn more about the long-term health of rare plant populations to inform land managers, as well as to bank seeds for these rare plants to re-establish endangered plant populations if it becomes necessary.