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Manager of Conservation Programs

Rebecca Hufft, Ph.D.
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California Santa Cruz, 2006
BA, Biology, University of Chicago, 2000
Research Interest: 
  • Conservation and restoration of native plants
  • Plant reproductive biology
  • Invasive species monitoring and management
  • Plant Phenology

I manage the research component of the Gardens responsible for conservation efforts. The main focus of this work is the ecology and demography of rare plant species, including collection and preservation of seeds from rare Colorado species. I am also interested in integrating studies of biodiversity, invasive species and phenology into the conservation program.

I have a broad background in plant ecology, evolution, and conservation. My research has focused on exploring the link between plant morphological and genetic variation, focusing on evolution in novel environments and the evolution of species interactions. My work has included polyploidy, reproductive systems, phenology, grassland restoration, invasive species, biodiversity, and plant-animal interactions. I am committed to linking basic evolutionary and ecological research to important issues of concern for species management and conservation.

Curriculum Vitae: 
Selected Peer-Reviewed Publication: 

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