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Director of Research and Conservation

Jennifer Ramp Neale, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, 2005
B.S. Biology, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, 1999
Research Interest: 
  • Conservation of rare plants through applied methods
  • Conservation genetics of rare species
  • Pollination
  • Restoration and reintroduction of rare species

My research at the Gardens is focused on applied research of plants in the southern Rocky Mountain region. My area of expertise is in utilizing genetic tools to address questions related to Colorado’s most rare and imperiled plants. I am collaborating with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to address genetic questions in four federally listed species through the use of molecular tools. In addition, I conduct long-term demographic monitoring of several species to track population dynamics over time, as well as to inform management activities. As the Gardens’ Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) conservation officer, I help protect our imperiled species from extinction through seed collection for future restoration and reintroduction needs. Please contact me with any questions about the CPC.

As director of the Research & Conservation Department, my role is to act as the public face for the research done by our team. I not only serve in an advisory role for all the staff, but help to problem solve and ensure necessary resources are at hand.

Email: nealejr@botanicgardens.org

Curriculum Vitae: 

DePrenger-Levin, Michelle, Ramp Neale, Jennifer M., Grant, Thomas A. III., Dawson, Carol, Ergüner Baytok, Yasemin. 2013. Life History and Demography of Astragalus microcymbus Barneby (Fabaceae). Natural Areas Journal 33(3):264-275.

Schwabe, Anna L., Hubbard, Ashley R., Ramp Neale, Jennifer, McGlaughlin, Mitchell. Microsatellite loci development for rare Colorado Sclerocactus (Cactaceae). DOI 10.1007/s12686-012-9735-1. Conservation Genetics Resources 2013 5(1) 69-72.

Neale, Jennifer M.R. Genetic considerations in rare plant restoration: practical applications. Washington, D.C., Island Press. In Plant Reintroductions in a changing climate: promises and perils. 2012, pp. 71-88.

Neely, B., S. Panjabi, E. Lane, P. Lewis, C. Dawson, A. Kratz, B. Kurzel, T. Hogan, J. Handwerk, S. Krishnan, J. Neale, and N. Ripley. 2009  Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Strategy. Developed by the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative. The Nature Conservancy, Boulder, Colorado. 117pp.

Ramp Neale, Jennifer M., Tom A. Ranker, Sharon K. Collinge. 2008. Conservation of rare species with island-like distributions: a case study of Lasthenia conjugens (Asteraceae) using population genetic structure and distribution of rare markers. Plant Species Biology 23:97-110. Awarded Best Paper of the Year 2008 by Plant Species Biology.

Geiger, Jennifer M.O., Tom A. Ranker, Jennifer M. Ramp Neale, Susan T. Klimas. 2007. Molecular biogeography and origins of the Hawaiian fern flora. Brittonia 59(2):142-158.

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