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Kathryn Kalmbach Curatorial Assistant

Pam Regensberg, M.S.
M.S., Museum and Field Studies, University of Colorado, 2007
Thesis: Regensberg, P.L. 2007. A Floristic Survey of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Valley, Colorado.
B.A., Journalism, Colorado State University, 1992
Research Interest: 
  • To better understand the region’s plant distribution through an active floristic studies program
  • Management of natural history collections using well-established and tested museum protocols
  • Plant identification

I am interested in helping us gain a better understanding of plant and fungal distribution through the systematic and ongoing collection, and preservation, of material for scientific research.

My role at the Gardens' Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium is one piece in an immense effort to help conserve and understand our biodiversity. I assist in the day-to-day management of the collections--many serve as scientific vouchers--and help to ensure the longevity of these valuable herbarium specimens. I am part of an active floristics program at the Gardens with a focused effort on the state of Colorado. Collections made during these field trips not only augment the collections here but help grow the collections at other regional herbaria as well.

I believe that herbarium specimens are the lasting and irreplaceable historical records of where and when plants occurred. They bear witness to an area’s past and current biodiversity. As such, I help ensure that best practices and strict protocols, using the latest scientific information, are employed when preserving and accessioning these specimens into the herbaria. My goal is to have every accessioned specimen carefully and thoughtfully collected and documented to ensure its scientific value for decades to come.