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Curator, Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi

Vera Stucky Evenson, M.S.
M.S., Microbiology, Oregon State University
B. S., Botany and Bacteriology, Montana State University
Research Interest: 
  • Collect, document and voucher specimens of native fungi in varied habitats throughout Colorado
  • Build the fungal collection through extensive field work; cooperate with volunteers, the Colorado Mycological Society and professional mycologists nation-wide
  • Share our fungal information by writing and speaking, connecting with specialists and interacting with the public
  • Collect and study ascomycetes, particularly Cheilymenia, Scutellinia and Peziza

Always taking joy in field work, I began my work with macromycetes by volunteering with Dr. Sam Mitchel in the Mycology Laboratory here in the late 1970s, eventually assuming his role as Curator in l990. I have emphasized the careful boxing, documentation, photography and databasing of our specimens, thus enabling us to build the collection into a unique resource for Rocky Mountain fungi.

Besides Dr. Mitchel, one of my mentors in mycology became Dr. Alexander Smith, with whom I collected for over a decade of summers in Pitkin County and co-authored a book on Hebeloma (see Bibliography). Dr. Orson Miller was also a great influence in my mycological studies into alpine regions of Colorado; we studied the genus Hebeloma found growing with dwarf Salix on Guanella, Loveland and Independence Passes. Along with volunteer Rosa-Lee Brace, I have investigated local prairie habitats such as the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, eventually helping to name a new subspecies of Mycenastrum corium.

As an active member and past president of the Colorado Mycological Society, I participate as identifier in their annual Mushroom Fair, and attend forays into the montane and subalpine regions of Colorado. Since l981 I have taught field study courses on native mushrooms in Aspen and have collected extensively in Pitkin and Summit counties. I have served as co-identifier for the Rocky Mountain National Park Mycoblitz for two seasons. My goal was to assure that all specimens from the Mycoblitz are vouchered in our herbarium, along with many of those from the last three national forays held in Colorado by the North American Mycological Society. Our mission is to serve as a regional repository for mushrooms and other fungi from the southern Rocky Mountain region.


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