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Horticultural Therapy Services

Denver Botanic Gardens Horticultural Therapy Services offer a wide variety of opportunities for facilities that serve the elderly and people with disabilities to experience horticulture and get their hands dirty.  Let us design and facilitate programs that are tailored to the needs of your facility staff and participants.   

Horticultural Therapy Services at Denver Botanic Gardens Services:

Denver Botanic Gardens’ trained horticultural therapy staff provides consulting services to eligible for-profit and non-profit facilities.   

Horticultural Therapy Services include consulting on:

  • Program design
    • Horticultural Therapy curriculum designed to your needs
    • Programs designed to take place at your facility or Denver Botanic Gardens 
  • Making the most of your garden
    • Achieving therapy goals in the garden
    • Adapting maintenance schedules and garden activities for maximum participation
  • Plant selection
    • Vegetable gardens
    • Sensory plants
    • Indoor plants
  • Garden design elements
    • Planting design
    • Designing accessible gardens  

Each request will be customized to your needs.  For more information and pricing options call 720-865-3613 or email thprograms@botanicgardens.org.