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Teacher Resources

Denver Botanic Gardens offers a variety of resources just for teachers. Whether you need 
re-certification credit or materials for your classroom plant studies, we are here to help.

Teacher Recertification Classes

Each summer, Denver Botanic Gardens offers a variety of classes to help K-12 teachers learn more about plants. Each class presents fun, hands-on ways to teach the concepts to your students. 
Visit our registration page for more information.

Teacher Kits

Enhance your classroom curriculum with a teacher kit. Kits contain a variety of resources and activities to broaden your students experience with a subject. Kits are picked up at Denver Botanic Gardens and may be used for a period of two to four weeks depending on the kit. To reserve a kit, call 720-865-3580. Kits cost $10 per check-out and must be paid for at the time of reservation.

Rainforest Kit (Grades K-6)
Discover the rainforest ecosystem with books, activities, videotapes, games, and plant and product samples from the rainforest.

Sod Box (Grades K-6)
Learn about the grassland ecosystem with books, activities, games and videotapes.

Noxious Weed Kit (Grades 6-12)
Explore how weeds impact our environment with five different activities.

DNA Kit (Grades 6-12)
Explore the mysteries of DNA and extract DNA from wheat germ.

Photosynthesis Kit (Grades 6-12)
Teach the concept of photosynthesis in a hands-on manner using the activities in this kit.