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General Visit Information - Chatfield

General Information for School Group Visits to Chatfield Farms

Prior to Your Visit

  • All groups are required to bring one adult for every 10 students. Please coordinate this in advance, as Chatfield Farms reserves the right to refuse admittance to groups with too few adults.
  • Review the behavior guidelines listed below with your students and adult chaperones.
  • Although we are in close proximity, Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms is not associated with Chatfield State Park. Please make sure you know how to get to Chatfield Farms prior to your departure. Please click here for directions.
  • Encourage your students to come dressed for the outdoors and quickly changing weather conditions. Layers of clothing, sturdy shoes, a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle are highly recommended.

Pre-Payment for All School Group Visits

  • Payment is accepted pay via check or credit card and is due in full one week prior to the date of program. No refund for scheduled children who do not attend the program.
  • Cancellations up to one week before the program date are fully refunded and free of charge. Cancellations made less than a week before the program date are considered a donation to our school programs.
  • When paying by check please make the check out to Denver Botanic Gardens and mail to 909 York Street, Denver, CO 80206, Attn: School Programs.
  • When paying by credit card call our registrar: 720-865-3580.
  • Self-guided school visits cost $3 per student for schools within SCFD, $5 per student for schools outside SCFD. Advance reservations are required for all self-guided visits.

Upon Arrival at Chatfield Farms

  • Follow the entrance road until you reach the parking lot.
  • Groups participating in a guided program can meet their guide outside the Earl J. Sinnamon Visitor Center, the largest white building at the south end of the parking lot.
  • Groups participating in Discovery Backpacks should send two adults into the Earl J. Sinnamon Visitor Center. The visitor center is a small, please do not bring the entire group inside. Students can gather in the grass area south of the lot.

During Your Visit

Potential hazards exist at Chatfield Farms: uneven surfaces, water, poisonous plants, bees and rattlensnakes. Class discussion and behavorial enforcement can prevent many accidents from occurring.

  • Stay on designated trails. Walking off of the trail can destroy the plants. Rattlesnakes and other animals might be hiding in the plants.
  • Stay with the group. Chatfield is large and students can get lost. All students (regardless of age) must be under constant adult supervision.
  • Keep voices at a normal talking level. Loud voices can scare birds and animals that visitors come to see.