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After School Programs

Bring the Gardens to your site with our After School Programs, specially designed to meet the unique needs of after-school programs and day care groups. These programs provide fun and enriching activities that are sure to engage your students in the world of plants. Programs are limited to 30 participants of mixed ages. 

To schedule an After-School Program, please call 720-865-3580 or email registrar@botanicgardens.org  
Unless otherwise noted, programs cost $75 each plus a $15 mileage fee ($0.60 per mile outside SCFD).

Strange and Unusual Plants

Discover the wacky ways plants like the Venus Fly Trap and others have adapted to survive. Plant your own strange and unusual plant.

Jungle Journey 
Experience the sights and sounds of rainforest plants and animals while you explore this unique ecosystem. Grow your own tropical treasure.

Sensational Plants 
Smell, touch, taste and even hear the sensational world of plants.

Grocery Store Botany
Explore a variety of edible plants and learn more about plant parts and where our food comes from.

Junior Gardeners 
Explore the world of plants and gardening. Learn how to grow your own plants, while discovering how gardening extends beyond plants to include insects, soil and the environment. Be prepared to get dirt under your fingernails, play with pet worms, watch plants eat insects, eat the plants you grow and have lots of fun! As part of the program we will bring a grow light to your school for students to grow plants indoors. (This program is six sessions long, 60 minutes per session. Cost for the six week program: $600.)

Planting Project 
Provide an opportunity for your students to get dirt under the fingernails while planting their very own plant to care for. Each small group of 20-30 students will spend approximately 15 minutes each exploring a diverse selection of plants with their five senses and potting a plant to take home. Cost: $1 per student, $100 minimum.