High Altitude Garden Tour - Spring

Class - Lifelong Learning| Adults
Friday, June 6, 2014 - 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Do you want to learn how to grow food in the mountains?

Come see for yourself and spend the day in the beautiful Wet Mountains touring Penn and Cord Parmenter’s High Altitude Gardens and Greenhouses. The gardens feature Food, Herbs and Flowers, grown in a multitude of ways. Early plantings in the open and under cover will be under way as well as early perennial food.

We will discuss shade growing veggies, fruit, composting, soil building, season extenders and more.

Penn’s Forest Garden is in the trees on a decomposed granite mountain and has a collection of over 45 raised beds – built with dry-stack rock or wood. Cord’s Bio-Intensive Garden is in the open and down the mountain in the rich bottomland soil, featuring 20 bio-intensive beds, a fleet of covers and a few well-placed hail guards.

This walking, talking, educational tour includes demonstrations, examples and two totally sustainable passive solar greenhouses.

The setting is gorgeous, bring your camera, a sack lunch, water, the usual stuff…

Come prepared for 8,000 ft. in the spring.

See you on the mountain!

$25 member, $30 non-member

Participants my carpool from the Denver area and meet at the Botanic Gardens at 8 am at the Visitors Center or you may meet at the site at 12 pm for the tour. Denver Botanic

Gardens will not be organizing any carpool opportunity.

Tour Location:

12746 CR 255

Westcliffe, Co 81252

North of Westcliffe

South Central Colorado

Wet Mountains

8,140 ft. elevation