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Image Library

Log in to our Image Library to access images of Denver Botanic Gardens and selected plants from our collections. You must obtain the login/password by contacting the public relations department at erin.bird@botanicgardens.org and agree to the Image Library Terms of Use. Just enter the URL, user id and password you receive from Denver Botanic Gardens' public relations department.

Terms of Use

  • By downloading these images, I agree that the images contained within this Web site will be downloaded for editorial use only and I agree to use the photo credit line supplied by Denver Botanic Gardens.
  • These images are provided for exclusive use by media to be used in articles or publications directly related to Denver Botanic Gardens. The images are protected by copyright, and are not for commercial use.
  • All images must be accompanied with the photo credit ©Scott Dressel-Martin.

Please contact Erin Bird at 720-865-3552 if you need further assistance or additional photos.