Denver Botanic Gardens and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art are proud to present Community Supported Art Colorado (CSArt Colorado).

This program brings artists and art lovers together through a buy-local, share-based membership. Curators from the museum and the Gardens select the featured artwork, in a range of media. This membership allows art lovers to easily discover artists.

How do I become a participating artist?
Click here for application information, including helpful hints and the project timeline.

How do I become a member?
Buy a share now

How does the CSArt Colorado program work?
Following the popular community-supported agriculture model, a limited number of shares will be available for sale. Each shareholder receives 3-4 distributions of art per year. Each distribution yields a variety of artworks by the selected artists. Most importantly, shareholders have the chance to meet the artists who created their fabulous items.

How will I receive my artwork?
Shareholders attend distribution parties, complete with art, artists, food and music. This is a fun way to interact with like-minded (and not so like-minded) people, before you depart with your art stash.

Can I choose my preferred art medium?
No; just as community-supported agriculture programs support the local economy by sharing risk with the local food producer, this program supports local artists by giving them the chance to try new things on a smaller scale. 

Visit the CSArt Colorado website to learn more.