Chatfield Farms Veterans Farm Program recently partnered with Veterans to Farmers to create a dual­-track program that offers richer opportunities for veterans.

The dual­-track program includes:

  • Diversified vocational opportunities
  • Engagement with community
  • Creation of relationships with other service members
  • Financial compensation for participation

This stipend program provides a space to learn hands-­on, small­-scale vegetable production and controlled­-environment greenhouse skills. Veterans can choose either the 10-week, in­-soil farming program (CSA at Chatfield Farms) or the 6-­week greenhouse management program (Denver, CO). 

In-Soil Farming Program

The mission of The Veterans Farm Program is to connect military veterans to a farming career, specifically in small-scale vegetable production, in a way that engages the mind, body, and soul in a holistic approach to sustainable living.

During the 10-week session participants will discuss key farming/business topics, work/train with Chatfield Farms staff, tour other local farms, and write a farm business plan as a group. The topics will include:

Key Farming Topics

  • Soil
  • Seeds/Plant Propagation
  • Irrigation
  • Pests and Disease
  • Equipment
  • Harvest/Post Harvest
  • Market Quality Expectations
  • Beekeeping
  • GMOs
  • Cover Crop
  • Composting
  • Canning/Preserving
  • Mindfulness

Business Planning Topics

  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Goal Setting
  • Strength/Weakness Analysis
  • Crop Planning
  • Profit/Cost Analysis
  • Record Keeping
  • Marketing
  • Grant Writing/Funding
  • Agro-tourism

The program will be offered in two separate 10-week sessions, Tuesday and Thursday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  • First Session: May 24 - August 5, Orientation May 9
  • Second Session: August 9 - October 20, Orientation August 1

Send an email to with any questions and to sign up.

Greenhouse Management Program

Veterans to Farmers logoPlease visit the Veterans to Farmers website:

Send an email to with any questions and to sign up.