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Index Seminum

Each year Denver Botanic Gardens publishes an Index Seminum, our index of seeds. Seeds collected from our living collections and from natural areas in the region are included on this list along with information about their provenance (original source or collection location). The Gardens distributes the list to botanic gardens and research institutions around the world and then sends seeds upon their request. This historic program traces its roots to early botanic gardens in Europe and is a low-cost method for gardens to share seeds with their international colleagues, increase collections and test new varieties.

Gardens Navigator

We invite you to learn more about the selections provided in this year’s Index Seminum through our Gardens Navigator website. Species names are linked to images, phenology data and plant descriptions throughout this catalog. You can also access this year’s species list on our Gardens Navigator website. 

  • Index Seminum 2013 - Seed may only be requested by botanic gardens and research institutions.
  • Desiderata 2013 - Please fill out this order form and email back to us.