alpine collection

Denver Botanic Garden’s Alpine Collection is most likely the largest in the country with regards to number of species. The plants in this collection are described as either truly alpine plants or plants that grow in pseudo-alpine habitats such as rock crevices (Chasmophytes) or exposed locations (Facultative Alpines).

The Alpine collection is especially rich in the numbers of species it contains in certain genera.

Genus Species Hybrids (if particularly large collection)
Acantholimon 18  
Aethionema 10  
Allium 17  
Campanula 20  
Crocus 17 26 cultivars
Cyclamen 9  
Daphne 7  
Dianthus 24  
Ephedra 11  
Geranium 17  
Helleborus 10  
Iris 25  
Penstemon 57  
Phlox 13  
Pinus 16  
Plantago 14  
Salvia 23 (especially Turkish)  
Saxifraga 8 11 cultivars/hybrids
Sempervivum 7 23 cultivars
Stipa 23  
Veronica 20 (mostly Central Asian)