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Omniglobe Display

Come see our newest interactive display--the 60-inch diameter spherical OmniGlobe®! It is a beautiful globe-based spherical simulation of the Earth from space.

The world’s ecosystems, the movements of the earth’s continents over time and the effects of climate change are just a touch away at the Gardens. Visitors can see a variety of climate change-related imagery on the OmniGlobe, including changing sea ice, sea currents, sea surface temperature, atmospheric changes, and geological changes like earthquake zones and plate techtonics.

"The perspective you get from seeing the earth as a whole is humbling, provocative and inspiring," said Brian Vogt, Denver Botanic Gardens’ CEO. "This is the most remarkable teaching tool I have ever seen. Our new OmniGlobe will become an important part of the visitor experience at Denver Botanic Gardens."

The display shows a wealth of content including interactive animations and simulations of the natural earth. It uses two high definition projectors to light the globe, making it the highest resolution internally projected spherical display on the planet. Our globe was recently installed by Loveland-based ARC Science Simulations.

The OmniGlobe will be housed in a new Science Pyramid at the Gardens.


On display in a nook near the Helen Fowler Library


Free for members, included in the price of admission for non-members


Open during Gardens' regular hours