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Mount Goliath

Mount Goliath

Mount Goliath and the road to Mount Evans are closed for the season. Please check back in spring 2016 for a list of tours*.

Mount Goliath, a mountain peak section of the Mount Evans area, is accessible by the M. Walter Pesman Trail and is located 17 miles from Idaho Springs within the Arapaho National Forest. This trail winds through subalpine and alpine areas where wildflowers and animals live amid grand mountain vistas and the sculptured, grizzled beauty of the bristlecone pines.

Highlights include delicate alpine floral treasures such as alpine forget-me-nots, moss campion, fairy primrose, purple fringe, chiming bells and spring beauty. This is a trail of contrasts--awesome Rocky Mountain vistas of the Divide peaks; delicate floral treasures; wind-sculpted, ancient bristlecone pines; cold summit winds; and gentle summer breezes. The path winds through the exquisite blooms of the alpine tundra, talus slopes and subalpine meadows providing a delightful and educational hike in one of Colorado's most beautiful natural areas.  

*The Gardens offers guided tours of Mount Goliath on select dates in June through August.

A Denver Botanic Gardens membership does not allow free access to the U.S. Forest Service Mount Evans Recreation Area. Visitors to Mount Goliath and Mount Evans need to pay the amenity fee at the fee station. Access to Mount Goliath is weather dependent – please contact the Clear Creek Ranger District to find out if the road to Mount Evans is open. Mount Goliath does not have live weather updates, but is near Idaho Springs. However, please be aware that due to the mountain’s altitude and exposure, it may be significantly colder or more windy than Idaho Springs.

Printable maps and directions to Mount Goliath