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Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaGreening of the City project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

As part of the Denver Sister City’s delegation to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in September 2013, Denver Botanic Gardens sent three representatives to participate in the “Greening of the City” Summit. As part of this summit, we offered a one-day workshop to local authorities, university students and faculty and other interested parties in the following areas:

  1. Development of a landscape master plan to guide horticultural growth of Ulaanbaatar
    Denver Botanic Gardens will assist with the realization of the vision of the “National Garden Park” of Ulaanbaatar through a master planning process. This will be in keeping with the resolutions No. 2/06 and 2/07 aimed at building the “National Garden Park” on 1,280 hectare land along Tulul River in the territories on Bayanzurkh District with the overall goal of improving the health and safety of the citizens of Ulaanbaatar, mitigating air pollution in the city and increasing green facilities.
  2. Development of a local botanic garden
    As part of the “National Garden Park”, development of a collections-focused botanic garden can address the regional and national floral diversity of Mongolia and educate the public about Mongolia’s botanical heritage. Denver Botanic Gardens can assist with developing a plan to establish the botanic garden and associated research, education and interpretation programs.
  3. Native landscape restoration
    Training will be provided on key genetics concepts, as they pertain to development and selection of seeds for restoration of degraded habitat. Techniques for soil preparation and seeding will also be provided.
  4. Development of an urban agriculture program
    Training will explore community supported agriculture, community gardens and broad commercialization possibilities.  Short growing seasons and the use of greenhouses and row covers will be featured.

The workshop will lead to the potential development of a 5-year plan in each of these areas with Denver Botanic Gardens providing the expertise and training to local professionals leading to local capacity building.