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Solar Power at the Gardens


You are seeing live production from the solar photovoltaic array located on the roof of the Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center. The display above shows how much electricity is being produced and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions prevented, by using a clean source of energy – solar energy.

Please note that there are three different screens for you to view--what is happening today; production since July 24, 2009 and production/usage over the past 24 hours. Each screen is visible for 30 seconds before rotating to the next screen.

The array currently in place produces 10,000 watts, one third of the Gardens planned total array. The array will ultimately produce 30,000 watts of solar panels, enough to completely power six Denver homes. This will reduce CO2 emissions from burning coal for power by 90,000 pounds per year. It also eliminates 210 pounds of nitrous oxide and 270 pounds of sodium dioxide pollution per year.

This solar array was installed by locally owned Vibrant Solar, Inc. and activated in July 2009. Donations for this solar power project were received from Vibrant Solar, its national partner groSolar, Inc. and Mr. Gregg Campbell.