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Science Pyramid

Science Pyramid at Denver Botanic Gardens

The Science Pyramid will showcase Denver Botanic Gardens’ research activities and invite the visitor to see the world of plants through a scientific lens. In this inaugural season, learn about Colorado ecosystems, how plant scientists explore our world by studying plant organisms in depth, and how your own backyard is connected to the larger natural world. The Pyramid will open to the public during summer 2014.

The exhibition will engage technology – touchscreens, light, sound, and video – so visitors can follow research and horticulture staff into the field across the state and throughout the steppe regions of the world.

Steppe regions are semi-arid, cold winter areas of the world in Eurasia, South Africa, and South America and are strikingly similar in climate and vegetation to Colorado’s eastern plains and west slope sagebrush valleys. In Colorado, these regions are habitat for the rare species studied by the Gardens’ Research and Conservation Department, and abroad, the steppes are the focus of horticultural curators’ search for hardy, drought-resistant plant species. The Science Pyramid will provide an interactive space to highlight the scientific work that is the foundation of Denver Botanic Gardens.