16th Street Mall Garden Block

16th Street Mall Garden Block, photo by Larry Laszlo/CoMediaThe new 16th Street Mall Garden Block is a catalytic project for the revitalization and continued success of Denver’s premiere public space. As a partnership between the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District and Denver Botanic Gardens, the Garden Block will create a unique destination on the Mall and for all of downtown Denver.

As the Mall is revitalized over the next several years, it is important to create a cohesive vision while simultaneously enhancing individual blocks as distinctive places along the corridor. The Garden Block is an integral piece of this vision. The project creates a dynamic experience in a very urban space through the use of planters displaying a variety of themed landscapes, rotating annual and seasonal displays, a living wall and an activity zone. The activity zone will feature events ranging from cooking and gardening demonstrations to performances and convention-related activities. The site of this project, between Curtis and Champa Streets, was chosen for its central location and its potential transformative effect on a key block at the intersection of the 16th Street Mall and the Denver Theatre District.


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